Our Story

Our Story


Mission of Bruchi club

Comfort that comes from within, the style that you cannot do without


The Day it all began.

It all started due to the need for more availability of the right innerwear. Our founder Hannu Gupta & Nikhil Nath needed help finding options and styles which would not create a dent in his pocket. Upon doing some research, he realized that a few brands commanded significant market share, and costs needed to be at par with the variety and comfort.


The comfort comes from using a soft, breathable fabric, the primary requirement of any innerwear, whether for male or female design.


That is how the idea of Bruchi Club was born. Bruchi  Club started to create an alternative with a simple thought - to impact people worldwide on how they perceive their sustainable & eco-friendly innerwear and to transform what they wear inside like a second skin. The passionate team started creating better quality products at a fraction of the cost of more prominent brands.


We are different because we care 


Bruchiclub is not just any other brand, we strive to make our product sustainable by keeping our manufacturing, supply chain and packaging eco-friendly and minimum waste of water thus reducing carbon footprint.


Not only do we care for our mother earth but we care for you as well and so we use skin friendly material in our Antibacterial Innerwear which is gentle and do not create allergic reaction or rashes.


So the next time you decide to purchase innerwear for yourself or as a gift to someone else, remember - we care.


For us, a sale is not a transaction but the satisfaction that we have successfully solved your problem.


The men creating a difference


Three passionate individuals joined forces to create a brand that makes a difference.


Hannu Gupta (Founder)

is the fashion expert of the team, He is a qualified DFTech, and his input on the styling, variety, and material is invaluable as a vision for the brand.

Nikhil Nath (Founder)

is a mass communication graduate. He comes with Media and retail Mangement experience, and his unique knowledge of Supply Chain Managemnt & content creation to capturing the customer experiences gives him the edge that the team needs.

Ashwani Pradhan - CEO

is a person who has learned much from his experiences with life. As a BCom graduate, followed by CS, he understands money, and ensuring excellent quality at an affordable price is his specialty.  He is First generation entrepreneur. He have Extensive experience in building business from scratch and Expert knowledge in Business Development, PR, Branding and Marketing.


Exciting Future Ahead


Bruchiclub is not just a product but a solution to a problem. The problem which we all face and end up compromising with ourselves. The brand strives to make soft, comfortable, stylish innerwear easily reachable at an affordable price to all.