What should I wear on my first Night- Couple Goals

Written by HANNU GUPTA


Posted on October 02 2022

What should I wear on my first Night- Couple Goals

Answer to this question is not as easy as this question is. Whether you are being ready for your first
night or honeymoon. But it starts from the day of romantic answer “yes” to very eagerly asked question
“will you marry me”? And then your wedding rhymes starts to sing a sing along. Now you must be
curious to know the answer so, grab a cup of coffee or get yourself lost with us into your beautiful first
night and read further. Once your very delightful wedding function and post marriage party aka
reception gets over, and then comes the most awaited honeymoon or your first night. It is best way to
welcome your partner into your life. First night is the night when you commence your life long journey.
You are going to meet your soul mate on the day of honeymoon so why not to make it lifelong
memorable or something that leaves mark in your mind. Honeymoon is the opportunity for couple when
they get intimate and make love.
And, as the truth is you definitely want it to be super intimate and spicy. If you want to make your
honeymoon with seductive wear.
Here we are going to give 5 main ideas to wear on your first night for both women & men.


5 main ideas for women to wear on wedding night!!


Very feminine details of lace makes you look very hot and sexy too. Natural lift cup, non padded cup can
give your breast natural look. Self design pattern comes in black and pink color. To enhance its look it
has no inner lining so that you can look super hot. When it comes to comfort, lace fabric is very good
option to choose. Further sexy black color looks classy and accentuating. So come on ladies what else do
you want to make your partner amazed.




This black tanga lingerie set can spice up your first night game. Black is very intimating option for first
night after wedding. Sliding triangle bikini top, adjustable ties at neck makes you look drop dead
gorgeous. It designed so beautifully to give you moderate fit at the bottom. Unique design and net fabric
has something that will make your men to grab you with love. This can be also a best option for your
beach walks.


Women White Lace Tube Bra & Hipster Panty Lingerie set


Just look at the beauty and intricacy of this dress. Don’t you think that you will look more adorable doll
for your dream night. The white color is perfect compliment for first night. It also covers your all edges
with moderate covering. Non wired dress gives you option to design extra around your body. This
exquisite lace at bust provides you sexy look. Non padded bra with lace give you option to look modest
and comfortable.


Bruchi Club Women's Sexy Lace Ruffle Neck Bra Short Side Slit Skirt Set - Red


First night dress should be erotic to please your partner. Creativity in this product has concept of making
you appealing on your first night after wedding with hubby. The material is composed of elastane and
nylon to make you look bold and gives accurate shape enhancement to your things. Multipurpose
product is designed to give it use for other occasions like Valentine’s Day, and adds fantasy to your sex
life. It is made up of high quality Lace which gives it a soft texture, good elasticity for its flexibility to use.
This is for every newly wedded girl who just wanted to flaunt her sleek and sexy body.


Bruchi Club Low waist See Trough Nude Bikini Panty

This will certainly add a seductive appeal to your first night. This available in classic Nude color  in waistband that adds sexiness and extra skin exposure. It has enough coverage to make you naughty
and playful. This gorgeous low waist Bikini gives you low rear coverage. You can lure your partner by
walking around your husband to beg him to be over his body. Your partner can’t wait to go wild with you
in bed.
As this day is for you both so it’s equally necessary for you men to present something beyond your
newly married wife. This is also options give below you can have on your first night.
Some ideas for men to wear on his first night!



This can also be for gift purposes as you are more in conversation with your husband before marriage so
you can also gift him on day of honeymoon night.
This is made from sleek stretch microfiber cotton spandex. This product will make you feeling amazing
and extra skin exposure for intimate heat transfer. This will make you feel more like a men. It has good
comfort with lace fabric. It comes with multiple color so that you can choose a perfect complement for
your night.



This will show case your bulge in good shape and you will look too seductive. If we talk about fabric,
color and design so this g-string style thong with low rise fit and available in hot red, classic black,
peaceful white. It has minimal rear coverage made out of viscose fabric. Front has contour pouch with a
vertical center seam.


Honeymoon night is all about surprising and to spice up the moment so that will memorable throughout
your life. So if you are seeking for something seductive yet innocent? This vivacious black or red thong

heats up the entire room with soft leg bindings reveal your thighs too. Fabric comfort will provide you
comfortable feeling all night long while you seduce your partner.


Spark up your night donning this white or blue y back unique thong. Sexy solid design with viscose fabric
grabs more attention. The solid white color of male Honeymoon Underwear adds charm to the men’s
sex appeal rendering him raw and horny to the partner. The superior fabric leaves the wearer man with
immense extra comfort. It also enhances the way your crotch looks, this is the best to put on your first
naughty night.