Let's debunk the biggest myth: Men can't wear thongs!

Written by HANNU GUPTA


Posted on December 03 2022

Let's debunk the biggest myth: Men can't wear thongs! 

It's time for men to look hot and fit!

We have always adored and personalized women for an appealing outlook. The fashion world especially the world of undergarments has only revolved around women. They made innerwear that is alluring and appealing. 
And when a new type of underwear for women called thongs arose out of the blue, many myths were born around this type of apparel as to why men can't wear it.
But thongs have made a statement not only in the fashion industry but also in sports. Now thongs have become the most comfortable garment for men to use while working out. 
And let's debunk the biggest myth today. We will discuss whether men can wear thongs that were originally designed for women.

But first things first…


What are thongs?

 Before getting into the main topic let me just brief you about what exactly thong Innerwear. Thongs are a special genre of underwear contains that is much exposing and is connected through a string that draws to the thin waistband, has a triangular piece of cloth to cover the front and a thin string that lies between the buttocks that connect the waistband with the crotch of the garment. This is much more revealing than conventional underwear, enough to expose the butt but doesn't expose the buttcrack. Even though many women were against wearing this, it was a fashion sensation back then!

And that's when the revolution occurred.

The question that why men can't wear thongs has become a catastrophe in the fashion world. If women can wear many comfy sexually arousing outfits, why can't men? And then the fashion world made a remarkable statement and the rest was history.


Thongs for sports- why not?

According to a study

The thong, like its probable predecessor the loincloth, is believed to be one of the earliest forms of human clothing and is also thought to have been worn mostly or exclusively by men. It is thought the thong was probably originally developed to protect, support, or hide the male genitals. The loincloth is probably the earliest form of clothing used by mankind, having originated in the warmer climates of sub-Saharan Africa where clothing was first worn nearly 75,000 years ago. Many tribal peoples, such as some of the Khoisan people of southern Africa, wore thongs for many centuries. Much like the Japanese fundoshi, these early garments were made with the male genitalia in mind.

“Overall, about one percent of men in the United States wore thongs several times a week, while zero percent wore them on a daily or almost daily basis. The overwhelming majority of American men do not wear thongs at all.”

When the fashion world took this thong under cover, men started more ways to be comfortable during their fitness routine. And to my amazement, the use of thongs completely shifted from a stylish angle to a sports perspective.

And today thongs have become the stay-cool fitness outfit that you can feel more comfortable wearing during workout sessions. 

And therefore, thongs are the top-selling product on Bruchiclub. The material is very soft and supple that is made of a combination of Bamboo and Elastance. This makes it a little stretchy but doesn't cause any lines on the skin. Bruchiclub has a variety of thongs for men available in various shapes, sizes, and colors.


Why should men wear thongs?


Thongs are the most comfortable panties, and the comfort is not just limited to women. Men can opt for thongs for innumerable reasons and including,


  • Comfortability  

Thongs are extremely cozy since their coverage is very less. Unlike conventional underwear, they do not choke your skin. Since they are highly exposed, they don't cover the butt. They are known for their incredible breathability because of the fabric used. The material is either nylon-acrylic or satin, which gives skin the breathing space it needs. This comfortability is prevalent when hiking, biking, or working out which is the most needed. 


  • Enhancing sex appeal


Men should use thongs because it enhances the sex factor. Its revealing magical properties can increase the sex-appealing effects. It's not the romantic sexiness we are talking about, but it's much more about the confidence and the splurge of masculine energy. The more masculine energy a man can feel, the more confidence and attraction. And it's that simple.


  • Minimal or zero skin irritation

If we think of conventional underwear, they often irritate the skin at the elastic point along the sides. But thongs are specially made to combat since the material used in manufacturing is very soft and supple. For all sports junkies, this is a boon as they are very prone to sweat and bacteria. Thongs are the perfect fitnesswear anyone can wear during their ripping sweat-time. They just cut down the seat and keep the skin dry. So no worries about irritated skin.


What do you say now?


We now know if you were given a chance to choose between regular underwear and a thong, you would choose a thong. You can see how a thong can fit perfectly for a man as it does for a woman. And these reasons are more than enough to debunk the myth that men can't wear thongs. Now it's time to switch to modest underwear where you can be fit and finesse simultaneously. It might take time to wear thongs, but if you did, you're golden. You can enjoy eternal comfort just with modern underwear!


Ultimately it’s all you!

Remember that it's your comfort that matters the most. It's not the fashion or the copycat tendency. Your comfort and consent should be your utmost priority. Your confidence depends on what you wear! Since the world mirrors your inner reflection, confidence shows up to the world no matter what your outfit is! So wear what you like and don't ever dim your light for anyone in this world.