5 important advise for mom to be in 2023

Written by HANNU GUPTA


Posted on September 18 2022

“A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years and in your heart till the day you die.”

 So, the new moms of 2023! Isn’t exciting to wait for nine months to see who is being developed inside you. Carrying a baby or motherhood is bliss for women on this planet. I can bet on this that pregnancy is the most beautiful time in this world. It’s bundle of joy carrying a baby inside and waiting for tot to arrive. All feelings apart, waiting for nine months to give birth to your little soul isn’t easy thing. Now you can hardly be patient to hold your baby in your arms. But wait! Did you consider self caring or new born baby caring advises. Are you sure about health tips for you both?


You must take proper care during pregnancy and post pregnancy too. Once your baby is born you now have extra responsibility. So you have to be careful whatever you do, eat, wear. You have to make sure that both you and your little baby are in proper health conditions for happy days to come.


Consider these 5 advise for mom to be in 2023.                   


  1. Yoga/Meditation/Exercise. 


During a pregnancy, it’s crucial to keep yourself healthy and active for good labor. All three of them have distinct effect on body. This will keep your body active for good health of baby. You need to do this to keep good health for smooth pregnancy.  You can give fixed amount of time to each of three. Further the benefits of all three are as follows-


Yoga-you are pregnant and looking for ways to stay fit and relax then parental yoga you can consider. Parental yoga is multifaceted approach to body relaxation & health. Parental yoga can improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety. It also increases muscles strength needed for childbirth. Lower, nausea, headache and shortness of breath can be mitigated. But it is also advised that performing yoga should be in expert supervision.


Meditation-Pregnancy can come with many up and down emotions. Like you may feel sad, excited, worried, happy all in the short period.  All this emotion fluctuations can be stabilized by meditation. It can also help with pregnancy symptoms like sleep disturbances, body pains or fatigue, mood changes. Mindfulness meditation is most preferred.


Exercise- In pregnancy a women have to adjust with so many physical as well as emotional changes. Being a first time mom isn’t easy task, during pregnancy, exercise can help you stay in shape and also prepare for delivery. Exercise can be solution to many complications like bloating, swelling, constipation, fatigue.


  1. Clothing: Maternity Bra or Feeding Bra. 


Bringing baby home is definitely divine and exciting feeling like you just brought someone to life. But once you are at home with your new born baby you have to change lots of thing in your home, wardrobe and lifestyle for cute baby. One of the best products for new moms is “maternity bra which we perceive that gift for newborn baby and mother. While planning to shop as new mom a feeding or maternity bra should be on the top of your list. Your breast start lactation and size also increases so, you need maternity bra to support you and to adapt to new breast changes. The most important feature to recommend breast feeding bra is to provide easy access. Look for the bras that have easy to pull down and detachable cups to provide you convenience. Cotton fabric baby feeding maternity bra works better because of breathability. It lets your skin breathe and is super soft on the skin. For suggestion you can check for Bruchi Club’s women maternity non padded cotton Bras.


  1. Nutrition-

    A mom’s to be or new mom’s body undergoes tremendous changes. And her body needs to recover from the enormous pregnancy stress and birth giving. To replenish the body and recovery she needs good nutrition along with rest. Nutrition is also important in the aspect of breast feeding because the lactation development depends on quality of nutrition you take. The good nutrition you take so, the good quality milk you develop for health and strength of new born baby. It’s important for those mom’s too who are not breast feeding, a good diet with full of nutrition should be maintained.


  1. Taking Rest or Quality sleep-

    A pregnant women is restless for nine months. After that it is also tough to manage. It is most advised post pregnancy tips for new mom. For new baby, it’s difficult to match with sleep cycle for new mom. New baby would wake-up every three hours for feeding, changing and at this time you also have to comfort him/her. This is really exhausting and due to this you may not be able to take 8 hours of quality sleep. So, you take rest whenever baby sleeps even if it few hours or minutes multiple times a day can make you feel fresh. You can also distribute your responsibility and keep baby essentials closer to baby to reduce overexertion. Get fresh air or few minute walk every day to feel comfortable and relaxed.


  1. Cleaning to prevent diseases-

     to prevent yourself and your baby from infection is very important. As you baby is not immune to this new environment and it takes time for him/her body to adapt changes. Meanwhile baby is more prone to infectious diseases caused by filth. Becoming ill during pregnancy is also nightmare. Not only will it affect your body and your baby health too. So, first time mom should clean her hands with anti bacterial soap, use antibacterial cleaners to clean your house, and your body too to avoid infections.


So above all advises you can pick out “What is the best advice for a new mom?” this blog answer question of every mom to be in 2022. Further, we just wish you happy maternity and pregnancy.